Real or Fake: How Will You Decide?

I played the bad News Game a total of two times. The first time, I played the ethical way, and I obviously failed. The second time, I played the way that the game was designed: throwing all ethics and morals out the window–– I played to win.

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 6.16.49 PM

I believe that playing the Bad News Game in this sequence shows me the power the game has to teach players about disinformation and fake news. By putting the player in the position of a fake news monger, it reveals exact tactics mongers use to spread their messages, their propaganda, and to create credibility and influence. I think that the Bad News Game does a great job of drawing our attention to the ways in which misinformation is spread. This is futher emphasized when the game awards you with certain badges outlining the tactics players are using in the game to gain followers and spread disinformation.

This Game teaches us an important lesson about people’s attempts to deceive and how easily they can do it. We are all bombarded with excessive amount of information from countless sources and we do not bother to put in the extra work to fact check. It is unnerving to think that with as many technological advancements and as much access to the internet we have: information is at our fingertips, but we don’t actually know any of it.

If Hitler Came Back, Would We Recognize Him?

The movie Look Whose Back uses humor to convey a highly sobering message. The humor in the movie quickly gives way to reveal an important message that is startlingly relevant in today’s world— I can’t help but think that this blog/movie assignment is especially timely. The plot moves from an amusing take on what would happen if dictator Adolf Hitler woke up in contemporary Berlin. What was particularly unnerving to me were the unscripted scenes where actor Oliver Masucci interacted with ordinary people. For example, at the 31:00 minute mark, Oliver Masucci is talking with a woman who works at a restaurant and is rambling about conspiracy theories and talking negatively about immigrants. She then proceeds to take a picture with modern day Adolf Hitler, holding onto his arm.

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 6.20.01 PM

Similarly, when Adolf was speaking to the woman at the dog training park and was using the mixing of dog breeds as an analogy to why races shouldn’t “mix. The woman just stood there smirking and agreeing.

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 6.41.14 PM

As a viewer sitting and watching these scenes, my insides were turning and every bone in my body was screaming out at these people, wanted to tell them to do something, to say anything––let him know he’s wrong! There are plenty of other scenes like this throughout the movie, and they only escalate as people’s responses to Hitler get increasingly disturbing.


It’s disgusting how easy it was for people’s true colors to show with only the gentlest of direction from actor Oliver Masucci. However, the movie does what is was supposed to do and leaves us with the chilling questions of: if someone with a lot less of an incriminating history than Adolf Hilter showed up in modern times, would we even be able to recognize them and stop history from repeating itself?